How to add page correctly with category and all stuff

Hello, most of you wonder how to make a nice looking wiki page for your character/faction/bussiness or neighborhood. So a few pictures along with some information will teach you how:

1. Making page


As you can see, this is a picture. You can spot a red arrow pointing at the contribute button. Click there then find Add a Page button. Click it.

2. Assigning the correct category

You can spot the picture to the right. At it you can notice the red area. Inside of it, regarding your page type (Character info, Legal/Illegal Faction info, Bussiness info, Neighborhood info) you type in following names:

  • Characters (For characters)
  • Neighborhoods (For neighborhoods)
  • Illegal Factions (For Illegal Factions)
  • Legal Factions (For any kind of Legal Faction)
  • Bussiness (For your bussiness, restaurant, bar, auto service, automotive)

After you insert the correct name, press enter and continue with designing your wiki page.

3. Publishing the page

After you finish making up your page, find Publish button and click it. It'll automaticaly create the page, which you can edit later. Don't worry if someone mess up your page, contact wiki admins and it'll be restored to original one.

You can request it to be protected from unregistered users and new wiki users.

Infobox templates

There are few infobox templates which you can use.

Infobox character

Used for characters. How to add them?

To add infobox for character find the templates tab and click on the infobox icon. It'll make a window. Down there is located choose another template button. Find an empty search tab and type infobox character. A text reading like Template:Infobox character will appear, click on it then go to insert. Then fill all the columns with correct information. You can use preview to check how it looks. To link the text in the infobox make sure to add it in the [[ ]] brackets. Otherwise it won't work.