Deonte smith
Biographical Info
Aliases Commonly known as Trigger
Nationality American
Born 27th of July 1996
Died N/A
Physical Information
Ethnicity African-American
Height Alive
Hair Color Jet-Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Black
Familial and Political Information
Known Family Cheyenne Morris - Mother - Deceased Franklin Morris - Father - Deceased 'Big Mick' - Uncle - Deceased
Affilliations 47th Street Gangster Disciples
Miscellaenous Information
Occupations Former A-level student at Crenshaw High School
Owned Vehicles Unknown

Short BiographyEdit

DeShawn Morris, born on 27th July 1996, is currently-known as the shot-caller of the 47th Street Gangster Disciples - also known as the Ganton Block GD's. His early years fed him poverty and abuse from both parents. When he was just nine years old, his father was shot at point-blank range with a Beretta .92 whilst DeShawn was standing beside him. His mother was then placed under observation from the State Police. This prevented any abuse from his mother. DeShawn grew up happier, attending both the Crenshaw Junior, and Crenshaw High School. From here, he met his bestfriend known as Tyrone Johnson. Tryone and DeShawn grew up together from the beginning of high-school, gradually become closer and closer as time passed. Due to DeShawn's poor upbringing, he resided to drug-use at the age of fourteen - his second year in his senior term. Tyrone eventually noticed DeShawn's change in behaviour and decided to keep an eye on him. DeShawn was alone in the park when Tyrone spotted him smoking a strong marijuana joint. Tryone never attempted to get DeShawn to quit, but instead joined him.

Eventually, Tyrone and DeShawn began to distribute drugs to other people around the neighbourhood, gaining money through this method. The suppliers were beginning to gain an increase in profits as DeShawn continued to purchase drugs from him - just to re-distribute to other public members. Months later, DeShawn found Tyrone and his family members dead in their home in Crenshaw. Multiple bullet wounds were evident in all bodies. DeShawn continued to distribute drugs despite the lack of a partner, and eventually, he moved into his uncles house - later revealed as 'Big Mick' - on Grove Street, due to his mother also residing to drug-abuse. 'Big Mick' was an OG for the 47th Street Gangster Disciples, and led a huge bunch of african-american males through the process of gun and drug trades. 'Big Mick' would also be revealed to have large connections to dealers, and other Folk Nation sets as alliances. 

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