El Corona is a hispanic neighborhood on the city of Los Santos classified by municipal authorities as a low-income area associated with criminality and presence of illegal aliens and dominated by a majority of population with Mexican descent.

The enclave was generated in the 1940's to house a massive flux of immigration from Central American countries such as El Salvador and Mexico, quickly having earned a reputation for being a dangerous area due to the extreme misery and poverty caused by the poor adaptation conditions that the arriving immigrants found when arriving in the United States.

Gangs thrived in the area during the fifties and the seventies, as the descendants of the arriving immigrants found no decent opportunites to earn income for themselves and quickly turned to gang criminality, with this tendency being raised and aggravated through the following years and hitting it's peak on the '90s with President Bill Clinton being forced to speak out against a local gang that had comitted a series of infamous murders dramatized by the media.