Francis Willford (1)
Biographical Info
Aliases Ford
Nationality American
Born 30th May of 1954
Died N/A
Physical Information
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 5'9
Hair Color Light grey
Eye Color Dark green
Skin Color White
Familial and Political Information
Known Family William Willford - Father
Affilliations Lost Legion MC
Miscellaenous Information
Occupations N/A
Owned Vehicles 1992 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail



Francis was born the 30th May of 1954. He grew up in a poor neighbourhood In the outskirts of Las Venturas and was treated terribly bad by his parents. He suffered of ADHD and was often beaten for his behaviour, therefore he learned to controll most of the Issues regarding his mental disorantation.

((More to Come!))