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The Slayermen Motorcycle Club, also known as the SMCLS, are a harley-davidson outlaw crew based in the State of San Andreas. The rising number of affiliates into the crew is causing the crime-rate to rise further, adding to the pressure of the Los Santos Police Department - aiding the other gangs in certain ways..

Brief BackgroundEdit

During the early 60s, Jackson Phillips and nine other men became Harley Davidson enthusiasts, and attended regular meets with other enthusiasts. During their meets, they discussed the possibility of forming a club based around their love for Harley's. Everyone agreed to this and formed the club. The club produced regular events at their founding clubhouse, hosting community parties, inviting singers, dancer, bands - anything.

Upon the agreement of the formation of the club, some of the full-patched members went on to complete illegal activities without Jackson's consent. Although, when Jackson was eventually informed, he held a club vote and the vote was unanimus. The club from there on completed regular discreet and illegal activities.

Criminal ActivitiesEdit

According to an FBI case-file, the clubs illegal activities ranged from; Murder, Extortion, Robbery, Theft, Burglary, Grand Theft Auto, and even some cases of Hitmen Services. The club earned its riches through the gun and drug trade, selling them to the local 'ghetto' gangs and the mafia's forming around the area.

The Los Santos ChapterEdit

The Los Santos chapter was formed by Jackson's great grandchild Ian, in 2011. Ian, now aged 34, leads the Slayermen MC and has regained its former glory throughout the area. Although, the illegal activities are put on hold until the large crime-rate drops. The growing number of LEOs has stomped upon the clubs operations, and have put themselves on a lay-low prior to this.